Custom Requests

You've made your way to the custom request section!

Maybe you have an event for which you'd like a unique or specialized piece such as a first recital or a performance of a classical ballet (The Nutcracker, anyone?). Or it could be a sacrament like a little one's First Holy Communion. Or maybe it's as simple as you would like to treat yourself to something. Whatever the occassion, I'm glad you found your way here. You can have a fully visualized idea in your head or none at all, but either way, let's make something unique together. 

Fill out a contact form here and include a description of what you would like to create. You can be as specific or as loose as you would like. We'll design together as we go along. The time it takes to create your request will vary and it will depend on the complexity/supply availability of the materials needed. In most cases, one can expect a processing time varying from one to two weeks from the time that your vision is finalized and approved. 

 (Disclaimer: I am happy to make most requests, but I will not create a piece that asks me to contradict my Catholic beliefs or that asks me to support social issues such as abortion or “pride.” Thank you for understanding!)

Browse through the photos here on this page to see some examples of custom orders and creations.


(Left to Right) A traditional wedding lasso, custom seed bead bracelets.

A fully custom traditional wedding lasso, pictured above.

(Left to Right) A custom stack of seed bead bracelets, hand-painted wood bead rosary.