The Ballerina Beads Story

Hi! First of all, thank you for making your way here. I’m so happy to have you. I’m Clarissa, the owner of Ballerina Beads. I must proudly admit up front that even though I’m the one in charge here, I couldn’t do this without my husband, my biggest and best cheerleader and constant support.

I started Ballerina Beads in 2017 when I was dancing ballet professionally. At the time, I was living one of my most challenging life chapters, and I was having to face people who verbally abused my physical dignity in my professional life. Through this struggle, my Catholic faith was my most essential stronghold. Everyday was an intense journey to grow and maintain a gracious heart. I can confidently say that the grace of Our Heavenly Father sustained me in this time, and so I want to encourage anyone here to also rely on Christ in times of trial.

But…I’m also a diva, right? And I like pretty things. So to enrich you in your faith while also appreciating beauty, I want to share these rosaries and bracelets with you. However, I absolutely could not leave behind my ballerina roots. I know my ballet training and career were a huge part of what God used to lead me to where I am today, hence the name “Ballerina Beads.”

The common thread between the “ballerina” and the “beads” is that each piece, whether it’s a rosary or bracelet, is meant to be a reminder to cultivate your own heart of gold, wherever you are in your own life. Each piece has just that: a small gold heart attached to remind you of Proverbs 4:23:

“With all vigilance guard your heart, for in it are the sources of life.”


Know that with each piece I make, I’ve prayed for you and your intentions, whatever they might be. Cheers to our journeys of life, and I’m so honored our paths have crossed.



Photo by Vihao Pham